About the Family Harvest

Good Food + Whole Living = Happy Family. 

The internet is full of websites about great food and great ideas for living. The Family Harvest is nothing more than a gathering place for ourselves where you are our guests. We have begun a journey in our family of living whole, and just beginning to define the process.

There are many websites that describe aspects of whole living in absolutes, "We eat no meat" or "gluten is killing us all". Our approach is about balance. We eat a little meat and eat all sorts of grains, some of which have gluten. What we try and do and teach our children is to be thoughtful about what we eat, how we interact with the world around us and even how we exercise and play. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and an adventure is the path.

Our Pillars of Whole Living

Whole Food

Like a pyramid, the base of a healthy lifestyle is good wholesome food. Eating Twinkies all day and expecting to have a happy body is not a good long term plan.

Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and a strong work ethic play a large part in overall wellness. Stress recognition and management and a constant desire to learn also are important.

Adventurous Spirit

If you are always looking for the "perfect" answer to every problem, you will lose the best part of life: Adventure.

Self Reliance

Self-Reliance is a principal of power. It means learning to make due with what you have. Once you can realize the difference between need and want, you begin to enjoy the safety of knowing that most of use actually have more than we actually need.

Spiritual Power

Although we come from a religious background, spiritual power comes from many sources. For us, we recognize that there is more to living than ourselves.

About Us

Good Food + Healthy Lifestyle = Happy Family
The harvest is more than just what you bring in from the garden.